23 OCT 2017

The most counterfeited brands of premium spirits in Ukraine has been named

The State Fiscal Service in Kyiv region has recalled more than 20 thousand liters of counterfeit alcohol from the beginning of 2017.

Almost 4 thousand liters amounted to counterfeiting of alcohol of known world brands such as Absolut, Finlandia, Kvint, Keglevich, Beluga, Jack Daniels, Volk, Jameson.

A significant part of the counterfeit alcoholic beverages is produced by the spill of substandard raw alcohol in specially made plastic bags, placed in cardboard and paper packaging type "Bag-in-box".

"In addition, the products are made from counterfeit or contraband materials - alcohol, which is not passed laboratory tests and has not received permission from the authorities of certification, usually have a bad quality and in the use of such products by the person constitutes a threat to life and health", in the Fiscal Service explained.

It’s estimated that daily budget of Ukraine loses up to 20 million UAH (approximately 770 thousand USD) because of illegal alcohol market.