29 JUN 2017

The company IPStyle has launched a service on the Takedown Notice procedure

The Law "On state support of cinematography in Ukraine" entered into force in April. This has made possible the procedure known as a "Takedown Notice" in Ukraine. The blocking of the pirated content on Ukrainian web sites is possible in 48 hours without going to court.

Under the new rules, the holder, upon discovering the Internet posted without his consent video, audio, or computer program has the capability to send a statement to the site owner or hosting provider with a demand to stop copyright infringement, and block access to this content on the web site.

Such a statement may be filed only through a lawyer.

The owner of the site has 48 hours to either restrict access or provide evidence that he has the right to post this content. Otherwise he will be fined.

"This procedure, with its peculiarities, works in developed countries for many years. It is very good that from now it has been started in Ukraine. Undoubtedly, it will help to reduce the level of Internet piracy in our country. While not all participants know and understand this procedure, but the interest of the market has already been observed. We understand the specificity of a new mechanism for copyright protection on the Internet. So, we decided to provide the separate service on this procedure. This will allow us more effectively to inform about the new features of protecting the interests of rights holders and quickly and efficiently respond to requests from customers", Director of Patent Law Company IPStyle Mariya Ortynska said.