08 DEC 2016

The Meeting with US IP lawyer Leo Gureff was held by UBA

On December 7, the Session of UBA ICT Committee (On Telecom, IT & Internet Law ) took place. Mariya Ortynska, IPStyle Director, and welcomed guest, lawyer at MG-IP, Leo Gureff spoke on business peculiarities and practice of IP protection in USA.

On the agenda were the following issues:

  • The specifics of the Western market, and the risks of mistakes when entering the Western market;

  • What and how to protect first of all, where to start the company (what state) and why;

  • The nuances of registration and protection of Intellectual Property in the US, mistakes and their prevention;

  • Interaction with employees, consultants and advisors in the US market;

  • How to build a legal and contractual relationship with people who help with business development;

  • Aspects and licensing policy for products based on "intellect" (intellectual property);

  • Licensing and distributorship of products in the US market.