14 OCT 2016

Mariya Ortynska Gave a Presentation at the IP Workshop for Ye! Acceleration Program Social Startups

October 13, during the workshop hosted by Osvitni Initsiatyvy1 Fund, the teams of Ye! Acceleration Program social startups plunged into numbers and letters to learn how to protect their intellectual property rights.

During the workshop, Mariya Ortynska gave a presentation and covered the following issues in brief: basic objects of IP, geographical specifics and timing of IP rights protection; distribution of IP rights among company owners and what’s worth special attention when you’re drafting an employment agreement; types of trademarks and unexpected situations that may occur in the course of their registration, patenting in Ukraine and abroad.

“Patenting is not necessarily a luxury you cannot afford. The trick is, you have to choose the appropriate scope of legal protection, and as well keep in mind international and local IP protection tools”, commented Mariya Ortynska, CEO at IPStyle Patent Law Company, Attorney-at-Law, Patent Attorney of Ukraine.

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