10 SEP 2016

The workshop 'On peculiarities of royalty payments by different economic entities. Tax and law aspects.' took place

About peculiarities of conducting royalty payments by different economic entities as well as its legal and tax aspects, on September 7, 2016, Patent and Trademark Attorney Mariya Ortynska talked during the workshop organized by LIGA Zakon.

"Royalty is the payment for use of Intellectual Property object according to a license agreement. At first, it is worth to find out, in what jurisdictions IP objects are registered and what are the ways of its possible use. Besides, the peculiarities of royalty payment conducting by individuals as well as legal entities should be taken into account", - Mariya Ortynska pointed.

The following issues were also on the agenda: what payments are considered as royalty and what is the difference between royalty and lump-sum payment, nuances of taxation and royalty calculation as well as conducting of payments for creation of IP object on a by-order basis and within labor relations.