17 AUG 2016

The seminar of UBA Pharmaceutical Committee on Invention Patenting in Biotechnology Sphere was held, the speaker - Mariya Ortynska

On August 16, within the Meeting of Pharmaceutical Committee of Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA), the event dedicated to discussion on patenting in biotechnology sphere took place. IPStyle Director Mariya Ortynska performed as a speaker.

Along with patenting related to biotechnology there are always many debates, and it was the first time IPStyle experts talked publicly on this specific and extraordinary theme. Mariya Ortynska spoke about the opportunities of biotechnologies patenting, the pros and cons of patent protection, provided the patents granted in Ukraine, USA and European Union. A great attention was paid to consideration of such patents granted and legal disputes around. At the time, they not only caused a public outcry, but also had a significant influence on the establishment of patent and judicial practice all over the world and lawmaking as to the issues as well. Among the discussed patent were patent for Oncomouse, T-lymphocytes, a bacterium.

Mariya Ortynska pointed, the society always had a controversial attitude to invention activities conducted with biological materials manipulations, especially addicted to human cells, Thus, according to the Ukrainian legislation, methods of human cloning and methods related to use of human embryos are not patentable. However, a question of compliance of biotechnology inventions with the principle of morality and public order is still opened.