18 JUL 2016

The opportunity of accelerated proceeding of Eurasian patent applications has been provided

On June 1, 2016 the amendments to the Order of Rendering Services by Eurasian Patent Office of the Eurasian Patent Organization and the corresponding list of services entered into force.

Due to the changes, the following procedures are introduced:
  • an accelerated examination of Eurasian patent applications, namely the formal and substantive examinations;
  • an accelerated publication and issuance of Eurasian patents.

  • The aforesaid services are carried out under a separate request of the applicant in respect of each of the services rendered with the document confirming payment of a fee filed.

    The accelerated procedures mentioned above are carried out in the following terms:

  • accelerated formal examination may be conducted within 5 or 10 days from the date of request filing. The total time of conducting accelerated formal examination depends on the amount of payment done.

  • accelerated substantive examination may be executed within 3 months from the date of request filing. If such request is received by EAPO before the beginning of substantive examination, this procedure will be conducted within 3 months from the date of sending the notification with a positive result of the consideration of the request to the applicant.

  • accelerated publication and granting of the Eurasian Patent shall be made within 3 months from the date of sending the notification as to granting the patent to the applicant, or the date of receipt by the EAPO the corresponding request, depending on which of these dates comes later.

  • The information as to requests filed concerning accelerated examination is not for publishing and cannot be the subject of public access.