07 JUL 2016

The meeting of experts of 'Ukrpatent' with US patent attorney was organized

During his visit to Ukraine, US patent attorney Peter Korytnyk attended IPStyle office to discuss IP issues with Company's team members. On July 5 Mr. Korytnyk also met the experts of Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute ('Ukrpatent'). IPStyle Patent Law Company became an organizator and initiator of the meeting, and IPStyle Director Mariya Ortynska was involved in the event.

Peter Korytnyk is US attorney, founder of the patent company and a former expert, who worked on this position in United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for more than 7 years. The meeting was organized for sharing and exchange of knowledge and professional experience in the sphere of patenting. The participants of the discussion talked on peculiarities of patent granting, differences between national procedures of patenting in Ukraine and USA.

Mr. Korytnyk was familiarized with some aspects of patenting in Ukraine, such as utility model patenting and conducting of patent searches by 'Ukrpatent'. In their turn, the experts of Ukrainian Patent Office received the opportunity to learn more about US patent system and the examination process in USPTO. The court protection of patented technologies, issues of organization and control in patent procedure were also discussed.