17 JUN 2016

The 3rd workshop 'Peculiarities of conclusion of license agreements, payment of royalty, assignment of rights to objects of Intellectual Property' took place, speaker - Mariya Ortynska

On June 15, IPStyle and LIGA:ZAKON jointly organized the third workshop in frames of discussion on various peculiarities of legal relationship in the sphere of Intellectual Property. IPStyle Director, Trademark and Patent Attorney Mariya Ortynska performed as a speaker.

Discussion was dedicated to such topics:
- peculiarities of assignment of rights to Intellectual Property objects, including rights to trademark applications, and cases of involving multiple right holders;
- conclusion and registration of license agreements in Ukraine and other countries;
- payment and taxation of royalty on use of Intellectual Property objects;
- purchase of photos in photo stocks;
- ensuring of security of company's confidential information, etc.

"To keep company's secrets inside, every employee should be informed, what information exactly is considered confidential and must not be disclosed. For these purposes, confidentiality provisions should be developed and included into labour contracts as well as responsibility for its infringement", - Mariya Ortynska pointed.