09 MAR 2016

Mariya Ortynska held a lecture in the NAU Law Institute

Educational activities is one of the IPStyle directions concerning social development. Considering the vital importance of supporting the young generation in its striving to increase their knowledge and professional skills, our IP experts try not to miss any opportunity. Therefore, on March, 2 Trademark and Patent Attorney Mariya Ortynska held a lecture in the National Aviation University of Ukraine (NAU) and made her contribution to education of the Ukrainian future specialists.

Students of Law Institute and Institute of Airports of NAU attended the lecture. The main topic was 'Invention protection in aviation sphere: problems of legislation development'. Such issues as protection of IP rights to inventions according to Ukrainian and international legislation, particularities of patent granting procedure, conducting of patent searches and patent enforcement were discussed. Mariya Ortynska also talked about latest invention tendencies in aviation and explained, why is ensuring of IP rights protection to inventions so important and what advantages does the availability of the patent provide.