31 JUL 2014

Almost every Ukrainian food producers will need to conduct an audit of all their titles. About parts of Association Agreement with the EU in intellectual property in commentary of Mariya Ortynska

Almost every Ukrainian food producers will need to conduct an audit of all their titles timely to move to the otherand to inform the consumer about such changes. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Patent Law company IPStyle Mariya Ortynska in the workshop "How to avoid being accused of violating intellectual property rights in the EU and to protect their rights?", Organized by the National Network of workshops "Higher LIGA" (company LIGA: LAW) July 30, 2014 year.
During the business meeting discussed issues relating to the protection of IP rights in the EU, the characteristics of court cases on intellectual property in the EU, making IP assets in the Customs Register.
Besides Mariya talked in detail about the changes which will enter into force after ratification of Economic part of the Association Agreement with the EU: "The theme of protection of IP rights in the EU was not chosen randomly. Directly Intellectual Property Agreement is dedicated to all of chapter 9, and the changes affect almost all objects - from copyright and related rights to trademarks, geographical indications, and so on.
"We should pay attention that the objects, which will enter the EU market of Ukraine should not violate European law, as the consequences can be very dire, - said Mariya Ortinska. - And even if the company has no plans to enter the EU market, the provisions of this Agreement with the EU anyway affected and its business. "