30 MAY 2014

Managing Partner of Patent Law Company IPStyle - Mariya Ortynska delivered the report on the Round Table “Depts and Intellectual Property in the Crimea: how to return or just forget?” which was organized by publication “LAWYER & LAW” with the Audit company “CompassGroup”.

It is known that nowadays almost all of the business areas are paralyzed because neither companies nor financial structures of Ukraine can not work legally in the Crimea.

At the same time FEDERAL SERVICE FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of Russian Federation (Rospatent) stated for recognition of the exclusive rights of the objects of industrial property which are certified by the relevant protective documents of Ukraine on the territory of Russian Federation.

“Although the Crimeans got the good opportunity to protect their Intellectual Property on the territory of Russian Federation (it is very actual for many applicants) but no procedure, no fees, no basis are not considered for such actions.

And it can entail serious consequences such as the accumulation of applications by Rospatent without any further actions or grant of protective documents with infringement of other holders” - said Mariya Ortynska in her speech.