05 DEC 2013

Brief release of the session of Intellectual Property and Advertisment Law Committee Ukrainian Bar Association, that was held on November 28, 2013.

Brief release of the session of Intellectual Property and Advertisment Law Committee Ukrainian Bar Association, that was held on November 28, 2013.
During the session were discussed:
1. Draft of the EU Directive on copyright and related rights management
In July 2012 a draft of the Directive was worked out and it was submitted for public discussion. In July 2013, legal committee passed amends (near 85).
Session on approval of a draft is planed to be held on January 13, 2014 and its adoption is expected. According to Article 50 of a treaty, the Directive has a direct effect and is obligatory to fulfill.
The draft of the Directive provides a creation of a site for the activity of collective board. Collective boards can not be formed by states. The main type of activity of collective board are treaty relations. Separate chapter of the draft concerns protection of rights.

2. Draft of a Law on Collective Management of Rights on Creations, Performance, Phonograms and Videograms.
In the draft collective boards are defined as legal persons acting in interests of third persons (creators, consumers). It provides the extension of antitrust legislature on such persons. The attention is drawn to the fact of the absence of treaty relations. The question remains — on whose behalf collective boards will act?
The draft provides that the founders of collective boards can be authors, creators. There was a discussion about including publishers to the collective board.
During the discussion financial matters were negotiated, namely, concerning profit or non-profit grounds.

05 DEC 2013

We do not cancel, only postpone!

We do not cancel, only postpone!

Dear Friends!
On December 13, 2013 the exhibition of computer games and digital technologies «2G Show: games and gadgets 2013» was ready to open.

Our participates prepared really great entertaining, contesting and playing programmes.

We have made all possible and impossible to give a start to the exhibition and to give you
an opportunity to douse in a world of entertainings and positive emotions on the New Year 2014 Eve.

However, particular occasions that could not leave nationals indifferent, occured in our country. And now our nation, all our thoughts, energies, expectations for the future are focused on Euromaidan. In this case we desided to postpone an exhibition on February.

The exact dates will be announced in nearest future.

We are grateful for all, who acceded with understanding to this situation, to everyone who has already registered for participation in exhibition. We asure you that we fulfill all our obligations. We grate our visitors and all wishing to come to an exhibition.

All flyers and invitatories that you printed or got will be valid during new dates. We express a great appreciation to all our partners.

We do not cancel, only postpone!

We congratulate you with comming New Year and Christmas hollidays! We wish you happiness, good luck, belief in a future, staid and cheerful holidays!!!