17 SEP 2013

On September, 16, 2013, Yalta has met the participants of the major International research and practice conference «Intellectual PropertyTopical Issues» in Ukraine.

Administrators of the conference were State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine, World Intellectual Property Organization, SE «Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property».

Manager partner of Patent Law Company IPStyle Maria Ortynska performed with a report «Intellectual Property Commercialization within Morden Tendencies». Ms Ortynska told about factors that influence the intellectual property commercialization including the quality of issued patents.

«Quantity of patents is not always proportionate to profit. Thus in 2009 South Korea has come into a three of world leaders of patents recieving, however the balance of royalty payments was negative. - Mentioned manager partner of IPStyle company. - One of the reasons of such disbalance are patant trolls. More patent trolls' patents, more patents are given for obviouse and not new creations, the more the importance of patents and business credit devalues».
The conference will continue its' work till September, 18, 2013. There are many interesting and important reports ahead, concerning development of intellectual property protection in Ukraine.