03 JUN 2013

In the near future, the Ukrainians will be able to assert copyright on the Internet - Mariya Ortynska

June of 3, 2013 on the website of the State Intellectual Property Service promulgated the Law of Ukraine «About amendments to some legislative acts on the protection of copyright and related rights on the Internet». The adoption of the above-mentioned law will radically change the situation for the protection of copyright on the Internet. Thus, this document provides for the possibility of persons who have found copyright violations on the network, contact to the State Service of Intellectual Property.

It should be noted that many provisions in the above mentioned project are well thought out. In particular, in order to avoid abuses concerning the blocking of certain sites provided:
- lawsuit with the statement of the rights violation of only with the provision of full information about the identity of the applicant, list of controversial works, notarized copies of documents confirming the identity of the applicant's rights;
- blocking access to the relevant objects is made only after consulting with the arguments and documents of a person accused of violating the rights;
- block access to controversial sites to service department, which is also responsible for non-compliance with the project requirements.