07 FEB 2013

Patent Law Company IPStyle held a meeting-discussion «Protected intellectual property in Ukraine»

In early February, the rating 2018 Client Choice Awards by International Law Office and Lexology has been released.

In the last edition, which is already 14th in the series, Mariya Ortynska, Managing Partner of IPStyle, has been recognized as the best in Ukraine in the category Intellectual Property: Copyright

The criteria for the awards focus on the ability to add real value to clients’ business above and beyond other players in the market.

In-house counsel were asked to rate individual lawyers and law firms on the following client service criteria: quality of legal advice, commercial awareness, industry knowledge, strategic thinking, billing transparency, tailored fee structures, value for money, responsiveness, effective communication, clarity of documentation, sharing of expertise, appropriate staffing, project management, use of technology, loyalty and ethics.

To ensure that the results cannot be influenced, law firms are not informed when this initial round of research is conducted. The results of this survey are used to draw up shortlists for each work area. Shortlisted candidates are then invited to submit up to five referees.

This year, Client Choice has recognised 384 winners across 66 jurisdictions worldwide.